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COPEX offers a range of Finance and Accounting training courses providing delegates with the essential knowledge and skills to improve the financial performance, legal compliance and efficiency of their organisation. Training Courses include Budgets, Auditing and a detailed examination of the latest IFRS, as well as the preparation and evaluation of financial statements. Alternatively, you may choose to examine the management of operational and/or capital expenditure, focusing on the preparation, implementation and control of budgets and/or the evaluation of the methods and cost of finance, capital investment decisions as well as financial risk management using the latest techniques

Our Finance and Accounting training courses are facilitated by world-class experts, who will introduce new concepts and techniques in an interesting and challenging manner. Throughout the courses delegates are fully engaged in discussion with fellow professionals from throughout the world and the analysis of real world case studies, relevant to their organisation.

This ensures that knowledge and relevant skills are effectively transferred to the workplace, providing the best for both the delegate and their organisation.

In an increasingly competitive and volatile global market, organisations are faced with many strategic and financial risks our courses provide the tools to meet those challenges.

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