Why Choose this Training Course?

There is no denying that the business world is speeding up.

Most of us are now challenged daily to juggle multiple tasks, priorities & deadlines and to walk the fine line between quality and pleasing people who demand that things get done in the shortest possible time. This challenge is multiplied greatly if we have the responsibility to lead a team. It can create stress, conflicts and a team that is demoralized by the high level of pressure they must work under.

But there is Hope.

This 10-day intensive COPEX training course helps to tackle the two main issues that are the root cause of this ever-increasing Challenge. Over the 10 days you will learn how to Lead your teams with confidence. And in a manner, that inspires, motivates and engages your people. You will discover how to win over your team so that they don’t work for you because they must, but because they believe in you as a confident leader that they can trust.

Once you have your team engaged and bought into your vision. Trusting you as their leader you will then be given practical real-life tools and systems that will allow you to manage multiple tasks, priorities and deadlines in a much more efficient way that not only reduces the pressure on you and the team, but increases the motivation, engagement & sense of enjoyment in our working life.

What are the Goals?

By attending this COPEX training course, you should achieve these goals:

  • Lead Your Team with Confidence
  • Inspire, Motivate, Empower and Engage Others
  • Sell Your Ideas & Get Others to Buy Into Them
  • Build a Culture of Personal Responsibility
  • Efficiently Manage Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines
  • Better Manage Your Personal Workload
  • Reduce the Level of Pressure and Stress in Your Work Life
Who is this Training Course for?

This COPEX training course is suitable for anyone who wants to Lead others with confidence, by inspiring, engaging, and motivating them to achieve greater business results also ideal for those who are having to deal with multiple tasks, priorities & deadlines whether you manage a team or just want to increase your personal efficiency.

  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Engineers
  • Human Resources Personnel
Course Outline
Module 1: Leading with Confidence
Day One: Creating a Confident and Credible Image
  • Where does self confidence come from
  • The comfort zone and its impact on business success
  • Banishing the fear of speaking in public
  • Self perception and its impact on confidence
  • How being confident can help you raise your profile
  • Body language and its impact on credibility
Day Two: Confident Communication to Groups
  • How to run efficient and effective meetings
  • How to prepare for and structure a business presentation
  • How to get over the nerves of giving a business presentation
  • Dealing with questions from senior leaders
  • How to sell yourself and your organization and your ideas
  • Building rapport in business presentations
Day Three: Confident Communicating to Get Results
  • The power of using stories to get messages across
  • Using analogies effectively
  • Using evidence to win people over to your way of thinking
  • Increasing your personal power and charisma
  • When to be strong and when to play weak
  • Inclusive/exclusive language and its effect on people
Day Four: Communicating Passion
  • The importance of passion
  • Developing courage and confidence in conflict situations
  • Beating  your comfort zone and taking more risks
  • Using our full range of communication
  • Powerful closes that move people to action
  • Become a magnetic personality
Day Five: Enhancing your Profile within the Business
  • How to conduct yourself to senior people
  • How to sell change to people who don’t want to change
  • How to sell unpopular policies to team
  • How to make yourself memorable
  • Be a radiator, not a drain
  • The speaking challenge
Module 2: Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines
Day Six: Introduction of Work Task Concepts
  • Understanding the role of self-management in managing tasks
  • Overview and context of task management
  • Identifying reasons for the current focus in business on managing tasks
  • Understanding how work is accomplished in organizations
  • Identifying the role of strategic management in leadership of tasks
  • Understanding the role of organization type in task management
Day Seven: Importance of Planning in Management of Tasks
  • Clarifying goals, objectives, assumptions and constraints in work
  • Integrating a scope, work structure and management plan in assignments
  • Learning to identify and manage stakeholders
  • Identifying risk techniques that affect tasks, priorities and deadlines
  • Understanding how to develop clarity in purpose and objectives in task assignments
  • Identifying the skills necessary to lead and manage work tasks
Day Eight: Setting Priorities & Deadlines in our Time Management
  • Using the manner we approach work as an initial time management plan
  • Planning for time management, scheduling and meeting deadlines
  • Integrating time management into development of priorities
  • Making the most from meetings, e-mails, interruptions and transition time 
  • Developing a personal plan, with a ‘to do’ list and priorities
  • Dealing with time wasters, procrastination and bosses
Day Nine: Skills Required to Deal with People in our Work Assignments
  • Identifying skills required to obtain the help of others on tasks
  • The importance of understanding our ways of working with others
  • The importance of interpersonal skill in accomplishment of tasks
  • Identifying interpersonal work styles of self and other
  • Understanding task flexibility and versatility in people leadership
  • Learning how to work better with others to have productive work
Day Ten: Personally Managing Tasks to Implement Change
  • Learning techniques to use communication for success in tasks
  • Understand the characteristics of proper communication
  • Identifying methods to deal with human change patterns
  • Developing a personal plan to become more effective with self-management
  • Dealing with some people who struggle with change
  • Practicing techniques to help colleagues with change
The Certificate
  • COPEX Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course
Building Task Leadership Skills
  • Duration:10 days
  • Format:Classroom
  • Language: English
  • Certificate:Yes
05-16 Feb 2024
Fee: $11,900
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06-17 May 2024
Fee: $11,900
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19-30 Aug 2024
Fee: $11,900
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18-29 Nov 2024
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