A highly interactive training course on

Mergers, Acquisition,
and Change

Making Mergers, Acquisitions and Integrations Succeed

Session Dates
21 - 25 May 2023
Doha, Qatar
20 - 24 Aug 2023
Doha, Qatar

Training Course Overview

Did You Know That 80% of Mergers and Acquisitions fail and that 85% of integration initiatives also fail?

If this is new to you, you are not alone, and the odds can be improved dramatically. Traditional Legal/Financial due diligence is essential but is insufficient to identify future trends / other elements of value which can be utilised to reach a truer price. Obviating risks, undisclosed items, competitors, emulators, regulators, competition authorities, the media, the financial press, suppliers, trades unions, customers, reputation, change resistant employees, the “dip” in productivity, branding, customer services, trends, location, business process, automation, outsourcing/offshoring non-core functions, morale, shareholders, financiers, key stakeholders, valuation techniques are all included. This is combined with tools to assess directors / key employees for their long-term capability and vision.

The deeper questions around whether to merge or acquire at all and how to target are issues which course participants will be able to answer as a direct result of attending this eye-opening course.

Training Course Objectives

By the end of this COPEX training course, you will be able to:

  • Understand why they should merge or acquire
  • Determine how to target companies correctly
  • Identify potential “deal breakers”, risks and issues
  • Reduce risks of Mergers and Acquisition failure
  • Plan / Optimise the integration process successfully

Designed For

This COPEX training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Finance people and prospective investors who could benefit from knowing about change / integration processes and additional factors to determine ultimate value/price to be paid
  • Heads of Sales and Customer Services who need to know how to integrate their functions when their companies merge or acquire
  • Human Resource professionals who are often brought into Mergers and Acquisition processes too late in the process
  • Risk professionals likely to be seconded to deal teams or who wish to know about the risks associated with Mergers and Acquisition
  • Marketing and PR people who need to understand how to maintain brand integrity and keep stakeholders, customers, the media and opinion formers onside whilst blunting competitive threats
  • IT/Cyber security people tasked with merging the IT systems and protecting the existing and amalgamated companies from “threat actors”, data loss, hacking of trade secrets and company funds
  • Corporate strategists
  • Lawyers wishing to understand the “Bigger Picture”
  • Directors of Mid -Caps that are growing steadily but now wish to expand faster
  • Project Directors and Programme Managers likely to be seconded to deal teams
  • Fast track managers and functional directors wishing to gain the skills necessary and the experience of Mergers and Acquisition transactions either internally or externally so as to become more marketable
  • Directors wishing to expand by acquisition as a precursor to achieving critical mass and then selling out
  • Directors and Managers wishing to “groom” their newly merged companies in a way which creates interest from suitable potential acquirers
  • Graduate level employees earmarked for future advancement
  • High fliers with unusual backgrounds brought in to re-invitalise the business

Training Course Outline

Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritised:

  • Knowing whether and when to merge or acquire to optimise the odds for success
  • Selecting the right targets and doing so with propitious timing and flawless execution
  • Finding the additional determinants of value, potential “deal breakers” and feeding those to the Finance people early so that the true value to be paid can be more accurately assessed
  • Identifying synergies, costing and realising them in an iterative / synergistic fashion whilst identifying those elements of the merged entity which no longer fit and should be eliminated, outsourced, offshored, near shored, automated, sold off or “carved out” and left as standalone entities
  • Selecting the right change and integration process for the task in hand plus standards to ensure no regression/slippage
  • The 100/120 Day Planning Process and dealing with the “dip” in productivity and morale
  • Dealing with Resistance from Employees, Middle Managers and “Doubting Thomas’” in Senior Management
  • Communications, Brand Integrity, Dealing with Competitors, Emulators, Trades Unions, Stakeholders, Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Regulators, Competition Authorities and the Financial Press
  • Cultural Considerations in Different Jurisdictions
  • Corporate Grooming and Future proofing

The Certificate

  • COPEX Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course

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