A highly interactive training course on

Managing Technical

Session Dates
18 - 22 Sep 2023
Casablanca, Morocco

Training Course Overview

This very practical training course is designed to assist managers to manage technical professionals and organisations. Managing technical staff can require particular skills and competencies that may not have been part of your training or previous work experience.  This includes the need for transformational leadership, highly developed communication skills, Cultural Intelligence (CI), teamworking essentials and the special needs for managing cross-functional teams.

This COPEX training course will allow you to explore the skills needed to manage technical professionals in any organisation. This training course examines the key ingredients of successful management and the skills needed to be a successful and effective manager. 

Training Course Objectives 

By the end of this COPEX training course, you will be able to:

  • Develop interpersonal skills and teamwork
  • Distinguish between groups and teams
  • Understand how Cross-Functional management manages business processes across the traditional boundaries of the functional areas.
  • List the stages of team development
  • Improve your Cultural Intelligence (CI)

Designed For

This COPEX training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Anyone who manages technical professionals
  • Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Leads
  • Operational Managers
  • Financial Professionals
  • HR professionals moving into Leadership roles
  • Anyone recently promoted into a people management or leadership role

Training Course Outline

Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritised:

  • Managing technical professionals
  • The psychology of effective interpersonal communication
  • Teamwork Essentials
  • The Essentials of Management
  • Managing cross-functional teams
  • Transformational leadership principles
  • Managing a multi-cultural team
  • The emotionally intelligent leader
  • Achieving win-win outcomes
  • False consensus and group think prevention

The Certificate

  • COPEX Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course

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