A highly interactive training course on

Maintenance Management
& Technology

A to Z of Best Practices:
The Complete Course on Maintenance Management

Session Dates
27 Feb - 10 Mar 2023
Dubai, UAE
24 Jul - 04 Aug 2023
Istanbul, Turkey
20 Nov - 01 Dec 2023
Dubai, UAE

The Structure

This comprehensive training course consists of two modules which can be booked as a 10 Day Training event, or as individual 5 Day training courses.

Module 1 - Maintenance Management Best Practices

Module 2 - Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management Technology Best Practices

Training Course Overview

Nobody can undermine the significant impact of maintenance management and its related technology on the integrity of industrial plants. This COPEX training course covers all aspects of maintenance systems, reliability engineering, and asset management analysis using a structured and systematic approach. It covers aspects related to maintenance in terms of its best practice and management. Furthermore, you will gain hands on experience on how to manage planned and existing assets, and learn from existing data about failures for prevention.

Training Course Objectives

By attending this COPEX training course delegates will be able to make a substantial, positive impact on the Maintenance Management best practices within their organization, more specifically:

  • Use Practical Steps and Processes to Manage the Maintenance Function
  • Identify Safety and Integrity Issues
  • Control Multiple Risks Using Limited Strategies
  • Learn from Previous Major Failures in Different Industries
  • Evaluate Maintenance Management During the Life Cycle of an Asset

Designed For

This COPEX training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals who are involved in any aspect of Maintenance Management and who want to understand, implement and improve the latest Maintenance Management concepts, processes and ideas. For example:

  • Maintenance Managers
  • Maintenance & Reliability Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Technical Managers & Supervisors
  • Board Level Executives and Non-Executives
  • Consultants in Project, Asset, Maintenance and Risk Management
  • Maintenance Supervisors and Superintendents
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Safety and Integrity Professionals

Training Course Outline

Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritised:

  • Maintenance Management and Risk Assessment in Different Industries
  • Setting Criticality Analysis and Priorities for Different Assets
  • Performance of Root Cause Analysis
  • Managing Performance of Assets
  • Learning from Major Failures in Different Industries
  • Identifying and Addressing Risks
  • Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance and Maintenance Strategy
  • Maintenance Teamwork
  • Application of the Decision-Making Grid

The Certificate

  • COPEX Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course

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