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COPEX provides ports and shipping management training courses that develop international shipping and logistics management knowledge. We offer recognized ports & shipping training courses by partnering with various experts in their respective fields who bring practical, real world examples to the classroom.

Our competent and accredited instructors and trainers can teach the wide spectrum of vital international mandatory, simulator, leisure and pleasure, enhancement and progression ports & shipping training courses. We can also develop customized training modules based on your specific requests.

Ports are the economic drivers of a country’s economy and ships are the principal mode of delivery. As countries develop and their economies grow, reliance on ships and ports also grows. Emerging and established economies require graduates who have developed a solid knowledge and understanding of operating a port successfully and managing the ships that deliver to the ports. 

Studying shipping and port management will help you to capitalise on these opportunities and equip you with the balance of modern shipping knowledge and port management expertise sought after by employers in the industry.

Dedicated to excellence, Copex is an ISO 9001:2015 & 29993:2017 certified company and places emphasis on delivering training programmes and courses of the uppermost standard.

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