The Importance of Negotiating Contracts Which Will be Implemented Effectively

Do we negotiate to strike a deal, or do we want a sustainable outcome which will be achieved through effective implementation after the deal is done?

COPEX is currently running the negotiating and dispute resolutions course at the Hilton Al Habtoor hotel in Dubai. The presenter was asked this question during the first day of the course and will be working with the delegates to address this all-important issue through the analysis of negotiating behaviours in today’s workplace among many other aspects of this complex business discipline.

Negotiation skills are considered to be essential for contract, general managers and senior leaders alike. The acquisition of negotiation skills builds human capital as well as developing a real asset for the company. Many companies believe that the negotiation is important for agreeing contracts, however recent studies have shown that businesses can become more productive, more profitable and better places to work when ‘negotiation implementation’ mindset is developed throughout the business.

To achieve a ‘negotiation implementation’ mindset we need to move away from closing techniques which encourage a deal minded negotiator to believe that they should strike the best deal on the day by putting pressure on the other party, then believe that they can handle any dissatisfaction which arises in future.  This approach happens all too often and must be replaced by implementation minded negotiators view their role as creating value through workable agreements.  By doing so they will take time to ensure that all parties are in agreement and have the attitude that, the time invested here will be well worth it in the future, as agreements become the implemented effectively.

COPEX’s training programme ‘Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions’ is highly informative and dynamic. The training material flows effortlessly throughout, providing delegates with a meaningful learning experience. The purpose of this training programme is to provide delegates with information and explanations about the process of negotiating in order to raise standards and equip them with the best practice that is available today. 

COPEX’s negotiations skills training programmes give you everything you need in order to be able to manage power effectively and become an excellent negotiator. Once you join one of our programmes you will immediately begin to adapt your natural style and become a more effective negotiator. Our highly qualified and experienced programme leaders understand that people learn at different speeds and during the delivery of the training they will coordinate action learning sets in order to stimulate learning through doing. So, if you’re looking to attend a dynamically based, well considered and highly valued training programme then put ‘Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions’ at the top of your list today.

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