Why Choose this Training Course?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for facilities management. It is important to have a sustainable facilities management system that can reduce the impact on the environment while meeting the operational needs of the organization. 

This 5-day advanced training course will equip facilities managers with the knowledge and tools needed to implement sustainable practices in their facilities management system. By incorporating sustainable practices, facilities managers can reduce their impact on the environment, improve operational efficiency, and demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

What are the Goals?

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the principles of sustainability and how they apply to facilities management.
  • Learn how to develop and implement a sustainable facilities management plan.
  • Explore sustainable practices for energy and water management, waste reduction, and indoor environmental quality.
  • Understand the role of technology in sustainable facilities management.
  • Learn how to measure and report on the sustainability of your facilities management system.
Who is this Training Course for?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Facilities managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Environmental managers
  • Anyone involved in managing facilities with a focus on sustainability

  • Introduction to sustainable facilities management
  • Benefits of sustainable facilities management
  • Sustainability standards and certifications
  • Environmental and social responsibility

  • Conducting a sustainability assessment
  • Setting sustainability goals and objectives
  • Developing a sustainability action plan
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication

  • Energy management strategies
  • Water conservation practices
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Green building design and construction

  • Waste reduction strategies
  • Recycling and composting programs
  • Green cleaning practices
  • Indoor air quality and ventilation

  • Technology solutions for sustainable facilities management
  • Building automation systems
  • Measuring and reporting sustainability performance
  • Continuous improvement and best practices
  • COPEX Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course
Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management
  • Duration:5 days
  • Format:Classroom
  • Language: English
  • Certificate:Yes
22-26 Jan 2024
Fee: $5,950
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20-24 May 2024
Fee: $5,950
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