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Course & Seminar List
Marketing Recovery
Rethinking the Importance of Procurement Post COVID-19
Accounting, Decision-Making & Financial Communication
Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry
Asset Management & ISO 55000 Series
Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash Management
Behavioural Management and Emotional Intelligence
Bootcamp for Project Management Professionals
Business-Case Writing for New Products
Category Management in Procurement
Certified Planning and Scheduling Professional
Collaborative Leadership and Collective Wisdom
Communication, Coordination & Leadership
Construction Site Management & Supervision
Continuous Innovation & Process Improvement
Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals
Contracts Management Specialist
Contracts: Reading, Writing & Negotiating
Data Management, Manipulation & Analysis using Excel®
Developing, Improving & Monitoring the Internal Audit Function
Effective Budgeting & Operational Cost Control
Enterprise Project Management & Business Performance
Feasibility Studies
Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance
Financial Modelling for Planning and Forecasting
Financing Natural Resources
Fleet Management
Innovation & Productivity in the Workplace
Integrating Budgeting, Forecasting & Business Planning
Intelligent Business Thinking
International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE 3000)
IT Project Management
Key Performance Indicators & Optimisation
Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure & Stress
Leadership & Strategic Impact
Leading with Confidence
Maintenance Management Best Practices
Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management Technology Best Practices
Negotiating, Drafting & Understanding Contracts
Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions
Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking
Presentation Skills Master Class
Project Appraisal & Analysis
Project Delay Management and Claim Assessment Master Class
Project Leadership in Action
Project Management Specialist
Project Management for Non-Managerial
Project Risk, Uncertainty & Decision Analysis
Project Scheduling & Cost Planning Skills
Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Contract Management
Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Project Preparation
Purchasing Management Specialist
Purchasing Techniques, Negotiating & Cost Reduction
Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP)
Service Level Agreements
Strategic Crisis Management, Incorporating Security & Major Emergency Response
Strategic Planning Professional
Strategic Selling and Value Propositions for Business to Business (B2B) Companies
Strategy Excellence: From Strategic Vision to Tactical Execution
Strategy, Risks, Negotiation & Leadership
Successful Planning, Organising & Delegating
Supply Chain Best Practices
Tendering, Procurement & Negotiation Skills
Advanced Teamwork & Cooperation Skills
Trending the Industrial Revolution 4.0 through Supply Chain Excellence
Value Engineering Skills
Warehouse Management: Strategy, Implementation & Control
Achieving Administrative Excellence
Adapting the Corporate Budget in the Wake of Unknowns – Post COVID-19
Advanced Procurement Skills
An Integrated Approach to Financial and Business Planning
Boosting Operational Performance
Building an Agile Mindset and Being Agile in the Workplace
Certificate in Practical Finance and Accounting
Certificate in World Class Business Sustainability
Certified Financial Reporting Analyst
Certified International Procurement Professional
Certified Operational Risk Professional
Certified Strategic Manager
Communicating with Stakeholders During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Contract Essentials – a Role for Public Private Partnerships after the Crisis
Contract Essentials – Contract Tools to Manage Commercial Risk
Contract Essentials – Managing Supplier Performance
Contract Essentials – Negotiating to Keep Your Contracts Fresh
Contract Essentials – Resolving Disputes When Things Go Wrong
Contract Management Essentials
Contract Negotiation and Development, During and After COVID
Creating a Marketing Plan for Business-to-Business
Customs Classification and Tariff Codes
Project Management Essentials
Developing & Implementing Strategic Marketing Plans
Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills
Developing the ‘Character’ of a Leader
Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking
Effective Business to Business (B2B) Marketing
Effective People Skills
Effective Project Management in an Uncertain World
Excise Duties and Procedures
Fast Close Implementation
Fast Closing Accounts and Developing a Fast-Close Strategy
Fast Closing Month-End & Year-End Accounts
Forecasting and Cost Analysis Techniques
Fundamentals of Financial Analysis to Support Business Decisions under Risk & Uncertainty
Innovating Products: Invent, Justify and Market
International Trade & Finance
International Trade & Logistic Operations
Leadership & Management Online Masterclass
Leadership Skills for the Digital Era
Leadership to Empower, Enable and Engage
Making and Influencing Business Decisions
Managing a Matrix Team
Managing Contractual Liabilities
Managing Warehouses in the Future
Managing Your Time, Priorities and Workload
Mini MBA: Accounting & Finance
Mini MBA: Leadership for Emerging Women Leaders
Mini MBA: Management & Leadership
Mini MBA: Women in Leadership
Product Management for Business to Business (B2B) Companies
Purchasing and Procurement Methods
Servant Leadership
Shipping Management, Leadership and Strategy
Strategic Purchasing & Supply Management
Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation
Strategic Leadership and Succession Planning
Strategic Management in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Environment
Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
The 5-day Mini-MBA Excelling in your Leadership & Business Skills
The Total Leader
The Management Essentials
The Leadership Challenge
The Leadership Journey
The Professional Negotiator
The Complete Course on Leadership
The Complete Course in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
The Complete Course on Budgeting
The Complete Course on Contracts Management
The Complete Course on e-Procurement
The Complete Course on Procurement Strategy Management
The Complete Course on Project Management
The Complete Course on Purchasing Management
The Complete Course on Management
The Essentials of Leadership
The Essentials of Budgeting & Cost Control
Writing Effective Policies & Procedures

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