The Complete Project Management

Projects are essential for the achievement of business objectives. They play an increasingly important role in implementation of strategic directions. What can we do to ensure projects deliver the expected business benefits? What tools and techniques of modern project coordination and control are best to deliver successful results? 

Managers and professionals from various disciplines and countries attended The Complete Course on Project Management from training leader COPEX in Kuala Lumpur in November. They learned how to ensure projects deliver outcomes are both client-focused and organizationally relevant. The course, lead by Senior Consultant and highly experienced lecturer Ms Alina Lebed, offered complete guidance for managing various types of projects and provided participants with a solid foundation for best practice project management.

This course covered key aspects of project definition, planning and control to ensure relevant quality within time, budget and resource constraints. It also tackled team leadership, stakeholder management, project communications and closure. As Project Management is considered a vital organisational competency – it also examined the role and competencies of the Project Manager and the project team and discussed the vital processes of effective teamwork.

Workshop participants learned, discussed and practiced effective project coordination techniques in successfully completing and handing over projects. 

They learned to:

  • Integrate projects within the context of the organisation
  • Develop quality-focused project plans
  • Monitor and control the delivery of projects
  • Lead and develop effective project teams
  • Maintain communication with project stakeholders

The delegates commented on the usefulness of the course and the important insights that they discovered this week. Specific comments include: “It was really useful to practice specific hands-on tools of project planning, develop Gantt charts and conduct Critical Path Analysis”, “This was a very comprehensive course”, “I have learned a lot”, “I will immediately apply the tools and techniques that we learned this week”. 

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