How Do We Make Sure that We are Leveraging the Efforts of our Project Resources Effectively?

How do we make sure that we are leveraging the efforts of our project resources effectively? Are we performing the correct projects? Can we be sure that the outputs of our projects will result in the outcomes that we need to achieve in order to grow our business? Even if we are sure of this, do those projects have the correct resources? Are dependencies between projects coordinated? Have we got systems in place to examine the outputs of the projects following completion to ensure that the promised benefits were realized? Our “Mastering Portfolios, Programmes & Projects” training course which is scheduled in London tackles these and other questions related to strategy management.

Our training consultant Dr. Michael Lane explores the alignment of organizational strategy with benefits delivery. Covering the initial formulation of strategy through to its implementation using portfolio management, Mike presents the tools and techniques that enable senior leadership teams to grow their project management maturity. This includes structured governance approaches to support programme and project selection, oversight and closure.

The Project Management Institute (PMI©) is a leader in the field of project management standards. Their widely regarded guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK©) is the standard that reflects the most current generally accepted practices used across industries to manage and control projects. They also provide standards in Portfolio and Programme management. As a PMI© registered education provider, COPEX have built this course using tools and techniques from these standards so delegates are exposed to a clear understanding of how strategy is implemented across industry sectors. In this way, they can match their existing management processes to the standard processes and also examine gaps in their understanding and treatment of strategy implementation within their own organization.

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Mastering Portfolios, Programmes & Projects

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