Why Choose this Training Course?

A key leadership factor identified from the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighted a requirement for a different leadership mindset.  A special type of leader is required to face these challenges now - and in the future – leaders who possess ‘Emotional Resilience’ (ER).  Emotional Resilience (ER) ‘the ability to cope in times of pressure and stress’, is now a key differentiator for leaders in the present and for the future.

This truly innovative, dynamic and highly interactive COPEX training course has been developed to explore new approaches of leading through the development of your Emotional Resilience (ER).  This is now one of the most important leadership attributes to face the challenges in the emerging  ‘new normal’ world, and those who possess this knowledge and understanding will succeed.

What are the Goals?

By the end of this COPEX training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the power of Emotional Resilience (ER) verses Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Develop your Emotional Resilience to cope with varying change and crisis
  • Influence and build strong emotional connections with others
  • Apply techniques to lead others through your Emotional Resilience presence
  • Demonstrate performance and mental fortitude mind set techniques
  • Build self-confidence and organisational Emotional Resilience
Who is this Training Course for?

This COPEX training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit those who need to develop their Emotional Resilience (ER) to the next level – or those who need to ‘future-proof’ their leadership development:

  • Senior Executives
  • Business Leaders
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Those working in high pressure roles
  • Those suffering from stress
  • People who wish to deal with negative thoughts
  • People who suffer from overthinking
  • Those wishing to build their self confidence
Course Outline
Day One: The Importance of Emotional Resilience to Lead
  • The changing face of Leadership: VUCA, Pandemics and Disasters
  • Defining Emotional Resilience and its future importance
  • Emotional Resilience (ER) V Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • The importance of defining your personal leadership presence
  • The rapid impact of Change and how to Lead
  • Profile Assessment (leadership & ER profile) and review
Day Two: Developing Your Emotional Resilience Inner Strength
  • The power of the mind
  • Skills to improve your positive mental attitude (PMA)
  • Controlling your inner reactions and mental discipline
  • Taking account for actions and dealing with the consequences
  • Developing mindful tenacity and assertiveness
  • Testing your Emotional Resilience: practical exercise
Day Three: Leading through Emotional Resilience Decision Making
  • Rapid problem-solving techniques: problem and need
  • Develop your Creative and Rapid Thinking: models and skills
  • Using Advanced Structured Idea generation techniques
  • From Problem to the Solution: key factors in decision making
  • Understanding Convergent and Divergent decision making
  • The Decision-Making Funnel Model
Day Four: Overcoming Conflict, Negativity and Stressful Situations
  • Overcoming negativity in self and others
  • Gaining trust & positive influence
  • Dealing with conflict in a positive way
  • Coping strategies for stressful situations: mental fortitude
  • Ensuring the well-being of others and your team
  • Leading through empowerment
Day Five: Personal Emotional Resilience Leadership & Culture
  • Defining organisational culture
  • The key benefits of a strong Emotional Resilient organisation
  • Developing the key organisational messages needed
  • Embedding well-being and emotional resilience in the organization
  • Producing your Personal Emotional Development Action Plan
  • Next Steps on your Emotional Resilience Leadership journey
The Certificate
  • COPEX Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course
The Emotionally Resilient Leader
  • Duration:5 days
  • Format:Classroom
  • Language: English
  • Certificate:Yes
15-19 Apr 2024
Fee: $5,950
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06-10 May 2024
Fee: $6,950
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10-14 Jun 2024
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01-05 Jul 2024
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19-23 Aug 2024
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30 Sep-04 Oct 2024
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02-06 Dec 2024
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27-31 Jan 2025
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