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The Complete Course on

Managing People for Peak Performance

Session Dates
25 - 29 Jul 2022
05 - 09 Sep 2022
21 - 25 Nov 2022
13 - 17 Mar 2023
29 May - 02 Jun 2023

Online Training Course Overview

Is your management practice impacted by the turbulent environment in which today's organisations operate? Do you encounter stress in managing the challenges of leading your people through disruptive change, information overload, chaos and ambiguity? If you relate to these issues be reassured you are not alone. Insightful organisations now recognise the complexity of modern management and the need for a greater level of sophistication in the definition and practice of the managers role, but seldom offer the internal support mechanisms to facilitate this development. The “Complete Course on Management” is a tailored response to meet these needs.

The online training course is specifically designed to establish a maturity of response that directly influences how an individual leads the team, manages change, handles competing priorities and navigates interpersonal relationships. Through self-study, education and reflective exercises, delegates are encouraged to widen their parameters of thought and build an agenda for future action. The course content and interactive discussions are underpinned by sound psychological theory, that will widen, refresh and re define your understanding of the “managerial leadership” role, within your own business but increasingly in the wider context of community, society and the international socio-economic climate.

If people management is important to you, then this highly regarded COPEX online training course is an essential learning intervention. It will sharpen your competence by offering strategic insights, introduce new skills and facilitate the use of practical techniques that will generate immediate impact in your management practice.

Online Training Course Objectives

By attending this COPEX online training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Reappraise Their Current Practice and Redefine Their Management Role
  • Recognise Their Managerial and Leadership Strengths and Establish an Agenda for Development
  • Employ Interpersonal Skills to Build Collaborative Practice, Engagement and Raise Performance
  • Diagnose Team Performance and Identify Strategies for Improvement
  • Manage Potential Conflict and Deliver Constructive Feedback that Motivates Future Performance
  • Select and Apply Innovative Problem-Solving Techniques to Harness “Collective Wisdom”

Designed For

This COPEX online training course is suitable for middle and senior managers who have responsibility for divisional or organizational success, as well as consultants and professionals who support them. For example:

  • All Employees About to Undertake a Line Management or Supervisory Role
  • Technical Professionals Tasked with Supervision of Others, Seeking Interpersonal Skills
  • Existing Managers who Seek to Rejuvenate, Redefine and Energise Their Practice
  • Career Focused Managers Seeking Development for a Future Leadership Role
  • HR / OD Practitioners who Support / Coach Managers to Improve their Practice

Online Training Course Outline

Amongst a wide range of valuable topics, the following will be prioritised:

  • What is my Management Style and How will this Impact Those I Lead?
  • Selecting and Applying Alternative Management Styles for Differing Situations
  • Improving Communication Skills for Credibility and Impact
  • How to Delegate to Empower the Team and Generate Efficiency and Higher Productivity
  • Understanding Conflict and Applying Techniques to Effectively Manage Difficult People and Situations
  • Discover the Key to Motivating Your People
  • Build a Culture of Effective Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement
  • Discover Credible Tools for Self-Management, Team Management and ‘Managerial Leadership’
  • How to Recognise Individuality Whilst Managing and Aligning a Diverse Team
  • Developing a Strategic Personal and Team Action Plan Tailored for Future Improvement

The Certificate

  • A COPEX e-Certificate for delegates who attend and complete the online training course

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