Why Choose this Training Course?

A clear Vision and Objectives are imperative for success. Attending this COPEX online training course gives delegates insights into the development of SMART aims, which are a fundamental precursor to generating strategic and operational plans. Learning about strategic tools and techniques is not enough, delegates also learn how combining and applying tools helps managers make better decisions to gain competitive advantage, which in turn leads to successful business outcomes. Learn how human as well as situational factors affect decision making and how you can influence the outcomes. Combine the science of measurement with the psychology of employees to learn how to track performance and build a culture of organisational learning. Strategy is a complex subject, through a multi-faceted approach, you gain confidence both in contributing to the development of strategic plans and their successful implementation.

What are the Goals?

Attending this COPEX online training course will give delegates an opportunity to:

  • Learn How to Contribute to Strategy Development: Visualising Potential Futures, Assessing Risk and Making Choices
  • Gain Competence in Using Tools to Assess Internal and External Forces Shaping the Future Options for your Business
  • Construct Non-linear Roadmaps with Learning Milestones in Support of Vision and Goals
  • Learn How Leaders’ Behaviours Impact Strategy Implementation
  • Gain Self-awareness in Decision-making Abilities and Leadership Styles
Who is this Training Course for?

This COPEX online training course is designed for individuals who either currently hold or aspire to hold middle and senior management positions, who are responsible for contributing to the development of strategies and plans as well as their implementation. These include:

  • Directors and Senior Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Corporate Strategy, HR and other Functional Managers
  • Heads of Division
  • Heads of Department
Course Outline
Day One: Understanding the Strategic Environment
  • Understanding the impact of leadership competencies on company strategy
  • Recognizing and interpreting forces in the strategic environment
  • Understanding the importance of planned and creative approaches to strategy development
  • Recognizing organizational change readiness and strategic inflection points
  • Recognizing the impact of perceptions on strategic choices
Day Two: Understanding Strategic Models and Paradigms
  • The strategic journey – common models and frameworks to enable strategic choices
  • Developing a strategic roadmap
  • Understanding and leveraging strategic competences and skills
  • Case Study: managing well in an unpredictable environment
  • Recognizing and developing the characteristics of strategic agility
Day Three: Effective Strategic Implementation
  • Recognising the key challenges of strategy implementation
  • Understanding the impact of structures on organisational effectiveness
  • Using the 7S model to analyse organisational competence
  • Turning measurement into information to track performance and inform future strategy
  • Building learning organisations to support agility
Day Four: Strategic Leadership
  • Effective styles and practices of strategic leaders
  • Recognizing, analysing and developing the strategic leadership styles used by you and others
  • Great leaders inspire and motivate – do carrots and sticks work?
  • Develop your leadership toolkit by understanding motivation theories
  • Case Study: Practice your negotiation skills in complex circumstances
Day Five: Driving Strategic Performance & Success
  • More leadership styles: servant leadership and dispersed leadership
  • Understanding the human impact of change
  • Understanding employee engagement
  • Using communication media effectively
  • Achieving success through a dynamic equilibrium between compliance and innovation
The Certificate
  • A COPEX e-Certificate will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the online training course
Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation
  • Duration:5 days
  • Format:Online
  • Language: English
  • Certificate:Yes
01-05 Jul 2024
Fee: $3,950
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14-18 Oct 2024
Fee: $3,950
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