A highly interactive training course on

Key Performance Indicators
& Optimisation

Delivering Results by Aligning Measures with Strategy

Session Dates
29 Aug - 02 Sep 2022
30 Oct - 03 Nov 2022
02 - 06 Jan 2023
22 - 26 May 2023

Online Training Course Overview

Why some organizations fail to stay competitive in the market?

One of most important reasons is that they have no Performance Management System that Collect, Analyze and Report Information regarding the performance of the organization.

The purpose of developing a system for effective measuring of performances is to understand, adjust and improve business in all department of the organization. Performance measurement enable effective organizations to express their success by numbers. Beside control function indicators of performances also have two other functions:

1. Developing and guiding function; they present a base for formulating and implementation of the strategy of the organization

2. Motivation function; they induce management to fulfill goals and motivate all stakeholders to realize those goals and on even higher level

Performance Measurements and Key Performance Indicators are the means to monitor the execution of the Strategy of the Organization. It is, therefore, absolutely vital that organizations should have proper strategies and proper means of executing the strategies. In 2006 the Monitor Group asked Senior Executive about their number one priority and the answer was “Strategy Execution”.

Online Training Course Objectives

By attending this COPEX online training course, you should achieve these goals:

  • Integrating Performance Measures in Strategic and Operational Management Systems
  • How to Link Strategy to Operational Activities
  • Methods for Developing and Implementing a Performance Measurement System
  • Provision of a Practical Resource Kit for Implementing Performance Measurements
  • Realize the Benefits of Utilizing an Effective Performance Measurement System
  • To Understand the Concept of Strategy and Strategy Execution
  • Address the Human Factors of Implementing a Performance Measurement System
  • Design and Develop Dashboards and Scorecards in Excel

Designed For

This COPEX online training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All Personnel Involved in Developing and Implementing Performance Measures
  • Advisors, Planners, and Others Developing Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Functional, Line and Operational Managers
  • Process Improvement / Quality managers
  • Project / PMO Managers

Course Outline

Among a range of valuable topics, the following will be given high priority:

  • Understanding the Current Situation and the Need for Change
  • Driving the Mission Statement/Aims Into the Organization Through Success Factors
  • Planning to Implement Performance Measurement
  • Developing and Implementing Success Factors and Performance Measurements
  • Full Day Workshop on the Design and Development of Scorecards and Dashboards using “EXCEL”

The Certificate

  • A COPEX e-Certificate of Attendance will be provided to delegates who attend and complete the course

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